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God of War Kratos statue from Sideshow Collectibles [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

The barrier for entry may be high to the point where folks could buy a used PS3 and a copy of God of War 3 for a far more reasonable price, but the God of War Kratos statue from Sideshow Collectibles is one superb piece of art and video game memorabilia. Kratos has never looked better and the statue is something that is a must have if you’re a hardcore GOW fan or are a collector of video game related products. Aside from wanting to see Kratos in a more action oriented pose, there’s essentially nothing wrong with the statue aside from the $250-260 price point, which is normal based on the quality that’s being provided.

The Pros: 

The sculpting and attention to detail on the statue is incredible and accurately portrays the look and feel of Kratos. Standing tall at 17” inches, the statue is very imposing in a good way. It may be heavy, but the base and statue itself feels very sturdy and is of the highest quality at the given price point.

The Cons: 

While he’s in an imposing pose, it would’ve been cool if there were a few extra hands like one holding a gorgon head or something equally brutal. Rating : 

Over the years as we’ve seen videos games gain popularity amongst the mainstream we’ve bared witness to the ever growing business model that encompasses major video game franchises.  Sure, the video game is the base of the foundation for a company, but often a series of additional levels are built on top which includes products more accessible to gamers and consumers like t-shirts or in some cases themed beverages.  Some of the video game tie-in products we’ve seen over the last few years have ranged from questionable kitschy fair like PlayStation mints to stuff one would expect like action figures or stylish t-shirts.  But amongst the video game products we’ve seen in the past decade I think we may have a new champion sitting atop the throne with the God of War Kratos statue from Sideshow Collectibles.

Gazing upon Kratos is almost an eerie thing, not only because the character is so foreboding to begin with but because the statue is freaking huge.  Standing at a tall 17” inches, Kratos looks like he’s immediately ready for action with his blades of Athena in prime combat position to battle a satyr or disembowel a Chimera.  In the past we’ve seen a few God of War products pop up in the form of action figures from both NECA and DC Direct, with both companies providing a rather accurate depiction of Kratos in a 6” inch form.  But seeing Kratos in a scale that would make a G.I. Joe figure look like a wimp is something as a God of War fan made me happy as hell since we have a representation of Kratos that’s worthy of his violent and often anger filled demeanor.

Ok, so let’s start with the basics of the Kratos statue for all the collectors out there who enjoy buying high-end products.  Aside from being rather tall, the Kratos statue itself is made of polystone, which is a hard and slightly heavy material that is often used in statues of this size and scope.  The Kratos statue doesn’t come with any accessories, though the Sideshow Exclusive edition which is the one I’m reviewing, includes a bonus weapon in the form of the Claw of Hades.  So not only can Kratos look like he’s ready for action with his trademark weapons, but he can also look like he’s ready to wrap some chains around a God’s neck and kill him with the Claw of Hades.   There is a bit of assembly required as I had to place Kratos onto the base, a feat which is easily done thanks to the properly placed base holes and sturdy pegs in Kratos’ feet. So unlike other statues or basic action figures, I didn’t find myself fiddling with Kratos for 10 minutes as I tried to make sure he was firmly attached to the base.  Switching Kratos’ hands between his standard and bonus weapons was also easy as they’re held in place by magnets, which further adds to their stability once inserted into Kratos.

Sideshow Collectibles is known for their AAA production values and products which while bordering on emptying your bank account are well worth the money.  Maybe it’s just because I’m so familiar with Kratos as a character having seen him represented in various video games, but the paint job and look of Kratos is easily the best thing I’ve seen from Sideshow. When taking a video game character out of the digital realm and into something that is actually real, like a statue, there’s always the chance that the design could look off or in the worst case scenario entirely silly.  Even with Kratos’ somewhat basic design and lack of overly fantasy laden features, I was worried that the statue would be missing that certain spark that would give it that realistic edge. Even upon unboxing Kratos and taking him out of his Styrofoam prison and unwrapping him out of the plastic wrapping, I was impressed with the quality of the statue. Right down from his “I’m having a bad day and will kill everything in my path” expression to finer details like his stomach scar (inflicted in GOW2) and core character attributes like his sandal and accompanying Boots of Hermes all have this amazing detail and look to them that actually lends a real amount of substance to them.

The paint job on the statue is rather exquisite as Kratos’ trademark ash imbued skin doesn’t look like he’s an agro version of Powder and instead has the somewhat dirty and war-torn look that we know Kratos to have.  Looking at Kratos I almost get the impression that he’s going to come to life and a violent version of Toy Story will happen as he attacks me with his blades since he just looks that damn good. It may sound silly for me to say that a 17” inch statue looks foreboding if not a bit scary, but looking at Kratos as he almost casually strikes a pose upon a destroyed column with a skull laying on the ground behind him lends a certain vibe that you aren’t staring at a mere statue but at a true warrior and a God.

Sideshow hasn’t made any addition or changes to the overall look of Kratos aside from giving him incredible detail (the muscles and popping veins look unreal) and I think the hardcore God of War fans will be more than pleased with what Sideshow has provided us.  The statue may have a high price as the standard edition (which is on back-order) retails for $250 while the Sideshow Exclusive edition (bonus weapon) will cost you $260. Paying that kind of cash for something that will merely be placed on a shelf may seem excessive, but the Kratos statue is an item that loyal God of War fans should love as it offers an accurate depiction of Kratos looking in his most bad-ass form and to be entirely honest, the statue is a true thing of beauty that most video game products never achieve.