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Marshall Headphones Deliver Big Sound, Style and Comfort. [S#!T YOU WANT]

Overall Feeling: 

Some of the Best Portable Headphones that can hold up to our everyday torture.

The Pros: 

+ Sexy simplistic style (with or without you attached)

+ Great sound, especially when cranked just like Marshall amps should be

+ Amazing price

+ Surprisingly little volume leakage (transit Dj's need not apply)

The Cons: 

- "On-ear" design can cause ear fatigue after extended use.

- Low input volumes cause the sound to flatten out. Rating : 

The number of headphones I have gone through in my years riding transit is ridiculous. In fact, it's a bit embarrassing. Weather it's ear buds, the overpriced studio headphones, or the Bose I saved up for (that broke in three weeks), Any headphone purchases I have made in recent years has had an element of anxiety attached to it.

Fortunately for me, I was handed a pair of Marshall's at CES from the lovely folks at Marshall Headphones. Since receiving them I haven't looked back. Marshall has managed to combine all the best of a truly portable headphone set up with minimal drawbacks. Having owned them for near 3 months, I can honestly say no other pair of headphones have ever held up this good after being dragged through my daily grind.

The classic design elements from Marshall's signature guitar amp are tied into this slick and simplistic unit. Featuring a leather-textured band, minimal moving parts (AKA, breakable parts) and subtle branding, the aesthetics are outstanding. By following the principles of KISS, Marshall managed to hit the nail on the head and deliver a comfortable, stylish pair of headphones that will also gain respect from even the most seasoned audiophile.

The only two drawbacks we found were the "on-ear" design allowed ear fatigue to set in earlier then we'd like, around the 3 hour mark. As well, the full sounding acoustics these are built for diminishes as you lower the volumes. Not to say these aren't great for casual listening, but just like the world famous guitar amps, they really shine when you crank them. 

Honestly, you can keep your over priced and fragile Beats by Dre headphones. If you're looking for a stylish, classy, affordable ($99.99 USD) pair of headphones the newest line of Marshall Headphones's is on our list of S#!T YOU WANT! 

For those who prefer Ear Buds, Marshall headphones come in both Major (featured) & Minor (Ear bud) models. More information at the official website for Marshal Headphones.