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EA Sports 5-in-1 Gamer Kit for the Nintendo DS [Product Review]

Overall Feeling: 

The EA Sports Gamer Kit may not be the sleek DS accessory pack some desire but if you’re a baseball fan then it’s a gold mine. Featuring a nice case and skin for your DS, the package knocks it out of the part in terms of the value as it’s one of the nicest themed DS accessories packs I’ve laid eyes on.

The Pros: 

The carrying case is well made and sturdy. Headphones sound solid though the comfort level may not be quite there. Applying the DS skin is easy and more importantly it looks nice once applied.

The Cons: 

Headphones are a bit too small. The overall style maybe a bit too kid centric for some older gamers. Rating : 

It’s said that baseball is the national past time of the U.S., a sport that for well over a century has become ingrained in the nation.  Despite a somewhat shaky history in the past few years, baseball is still as popular as ever, especially with the World Series almost upon us.  So what better way to combine ones love of baseball and video games than with the EA Sports baseball Gamer Kit for the Nintendo DS.

I know, usually themed DS covers/cases tend to be crap for a few different reasons. It’s either an issue of the product just being poorly made or not doing a good job of what it’s meant to do.  But surprisingly, and this is coming from a non-DS fanboy, the gamer kit is a really solid product. Of course if you don’t have an affinity for baseball then you may want to look elsewhere but if you enjoy the look of a baseball mitt then you’re going to love what the kit offers.

The kit comprises of a baseball themed carrying case,  2 skins (one for the DS and DSi), 1 stylus and headphones; essentially the core things you would want.  Now to be perfectly honest while the various components such as the case and headphones are designed nicely they may not be that appealing to gamers over a certain age limit.  Obviously one’s love of baseball will dictate if they want to be seen in public with a DS stylus that has a mini baseball at the top but young kids will probably love it.  The design of the case and other accessories isn’t gaudy by any means. In fact I must tip my baseball hat to manufacturer Sakar for putting together such a series of accessories that perfectly capture the baseball look and feel without looking like it’s a toy for a 3-year old.

The carrying case impressed me the most as it’s extremely sturdy and has an authentic baseball feel.  With all the bells and whistles such as a place to hold your DS games and your baseball bat stylus, the case is easily the best highlight of the package.  The accompanying headphones adorned with baseball decals are nice though I found their size to be a tad small, which proved to be bothersome during long gameplay sessions.  Of course the silliest thing in the package is the baseball bat stylus, complete with a mini-baseball at the base.  As a stylus it gets the job done but as I said the design may be too much for some.  But hey, if you’re buying a Nintendo DS baseball themed accessory pack you probably know what you’re getting into.

As a complete package the EA Sports Gamer Kit is pretty much a homerun. Young baseball fans will probably love the package and those who are still kids at heart will probably dig it as well.  Manufacturer Sakar has managed to inject the baseball style in a product that isn’t too gimmicky, well that’s aside from the stylus.  If you’re an avid DS gamer who loves baseball or know someone like that then the kit is definitely worth picking up.