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Clash of the Titans: The Video Game [Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Clash of the Titans: The Video Game is an epic waste of time to play. Those who enjoyed the movie are likely to be burned by a game that is extremely dull and fails to capture the Greek mythology essence. Even those looking for a mindless action game are sure to be disappointed by a combat engine that feels like it belongs in a PS1 game.

The Pros: 

There’s laughter to be had by some of the bad voice acting and production values. Smashing skeletons to pieces is mildly entertaining for the first twenty minutes.

The Cons: 

Visually unimpressive in almost every way, especially the lifeless cutscenes. The combat lacks a spark and doesn’t offer much we haven’t seen before. Most of the missions and levels are extremely boring. Rating : 

Being an avid gamer, I like to support as many games as I can, whether they’re big budget AAA titles or lesser known IPs/indie games. Sometimes my openness to support a game, not necessarily hyping it up to others, can backfire on me in such an ugly way that I can’t help but feel like an ass.  One such game that my anticipation of has completely punched me in the gut is the game adaptation of the recent Clash of the Titans remake. 

Obviously with the game being based off a movie, the immediate assumption by many was that it was going to be crap. However, in a brief moment of optimism, I was hopeful that the game would be decent due the Greek mythology setting and hack-n-slash gameplay. But alas, playing Clash of the Titans: The Video Game is as entertaining as being turned to stone by Medusa.

I don’t even know where to begin with Clash of the Titans. The game certainly lives up to the movie game reputation, but it even goes a step further and goes off the deep end to an area filled with such boredom and unoriginality that it’s almost hard to describe. Staying true to the plot of the film, players assume the role of Perseus, a man who it turns out is the son of Zeus hence he’s more than an average man, something that’s consistently hammered down in hackneyed dialogue.  With a few liberties taken with the story, things remain relatively unchanged as Perseus is still on a quest for revenge against Hades, all while trying to save Andromeda (who isn’t a hot princess) from the wrath of the Kraken.

With a basic set-up like that and somewhat cool scenarios already set-up via the film, Clash should’ve been a nice old-school hack-n-slash game. I don’t think any of us were expecting a game with a caliber similar to God of War, but I also don’t think anyone, specifically myself, expected Clash to be such a boring game. The combat itself is relatively simple with the standard set-up of two attack buttons and real-time weapon switching, but perhaps it’s too simple for its own good since I wanted to fall asleep after playing the game for an hour.  There are special moves that Perseus can perform such as seizing the weapons from enemies, but that’s a dull QTE in which all you do is repeatedly press the circle, square, x or triangle buttons. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? Oh wow, I’m pressing the circle button twice in a row to disarm a skeleton for the 50th time!

Being a human Perseus doesn’t have any special magical abilities he can perform or anything of that nature. Aside from using his sword to absorb souls, don’t ask me where that idea came from, he can punch a possessed stone statue with his bare hands so that counts for something right?  I honestly don’t know what went wrong with the combat in Clash as it just feels totally uninspired and average.  There’s a nice selection of weapons but even those fail to get the Greek mythology blood pumping.

Perhaps a key reason for my boredom with Clash is because I consistently fought the same enemies for such long stretches of time that I could’ve read the Iliad twice. Starting off by fighting skeletons is a nice throwback to the original Clash film but fighting them for the first two hours of the game made me want to cry since the A.I. is rather terrible across the board.

It just isn’t the combat that makes Clash a snoozefest but the actual missions. The game provides nothing but quests that require you to simply reach location x and kill all the enemies or others that require a specific goal to be achieved. I wasn’t exactly expecting a mission structure breaking from the norm, but the quests are often long which makes the tolerance level one would normally have immediately drop to zero. Early on in the game Perseus is tasked with wonderful quests such as beating x amount of enemies in a time limit or disbanding a group of unarmed protesters. Don’t those sound like fun missions one would love to play in a Greek mythology game? Best of all, at the end of every quest you’re graded on specific stats such as how much damage you received and how fast you completed the quest. To be honest the quest grade just seems like an arbitrary thing thrown in as an attempt to make players feel good for playing the game as if to say “Hey good job for playing that piece of crap for the last twenty minutes. You get an A!”

But what bothered me the most about Clash is just how damn average looking and uninspired the presentation is. Again, I know that the game is based off a movie so things won’t exactly be of the best quality. But considering the developer for Clash is Game Republic I couldn’t help but be taken aback by how things at times looked rather ugly, and dare I say it like an early Xbox 360 game. For those who don’t follow Japanese developers closely, Game Republic also developed Genji game for the PS2/PS3 and Folklore for the PS3. Say what you will about the gameplay for those games but visually they’re highly original and at times simply beautiful.  Some of Game Republic’s originality and design savvy is seen in the various mythological creatures that Perseus fights, but to be honest as good as the concepts for some of the enemy designs are the execution is still lacking in the graphics department which of course is the area that counts the most in a fantasy game such as this.

The end result of Clash of the Titans: The Video Game isn’t exactly a surprise but I don’t think anyone expected such a dire result.  With uninspiring combat, visuals that can at times be downright ugly and some of the stiffest voice acting I’ve heard this generation, everything in Clash is just so banal that it actually made me sad.  Oh, to speak of the amazing quality that is Clash of the Titans: The Video Game there are also glitches, some of which appear during boss battles. So that pretty much speaks to the overall quality one can expect from the game. I can’t help but think of the potential Clash of the Titans: The Video Game had but alas it’ll join the ever growing vault of movie games that fail to be entertaining and not live up to their celluloid counterparts.