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Chimpact [PlayStation Mobile Review]

Overall Feeling: 

Providing an almost puzzle like take on the platforming genre, Chimpact is a fairly straightforward and pleasant PlayStation Mobile game that thankfully doesn’t falter with its focus on touch controls. The amount of content within the game somewhat bleeds together as things are similar, despite the addition of secondary content which has only minimal effects on the experience, but as a simple PSM game Chimpact is worth your time if you just want to have an easy going gaming experience.

The Pros: 

+ Graphics are lush in their crispness and how fluid everything is.
+ Levels have some nice variety to them along with a steadying rise in difficulty.
+ Price point is good for what the game offers.

The Cons: 

- Gameplay could’ve used some more interaction within the environment to help deepen things.
- Touch controls are slightly sensitive and it doesn’t help that the game lacks a tutorial.
- The chimps have no character to them that makes them appealing other than their cute facade. Rating : 

Partaking in a bit of light-hearted gaming is always good for the soul since endlessly playing action games or trying to do a perfect lap on a particular course can ultimately eat away at our gaming souls. So what better way to let loose and relax a bit than with a new PlayStation Mobile game in which we send a cute chimp flying. No, Super Monkey Ball has not gone the PSM route as a completely original game has arrived in the form of Chimpact.

Taking the horizontal gameplay of Super Monkey Ball and putting it in a vertical space, Chimpact revolves around one simple task: control a chimp as it traverses a lush forest in search of bananas and gems.  On paper it may sound like developer Yippee Entertainment combined Super Monkey Ball and Donkey Kong into one game, and while elements of those games may show their spirit within Chimpact, the core experience is far from being a shameless copycat.

Turning the PlayStation Vita vertically, a thing which I have feared since playing the dismal Panic!, I in turn had to guide my gleeful chimp through a forest to reach the goal.  The vertical perspective of the game did take some getting used to considering the chief gameplay mechanic revolves around launching the ever cute chimp through the power of touch.  Exclusively using touch controls, Chimpact has rather straightforward touch based gameplay which allowed me to shoot my chimp in a variety of upward angles.

Outside from the touch mechanics not being explained when starting the game up, I found things to be relatively easy during my quest to avoid swinging spiders and grab what chimps desire the most: giant gems.  While I found it to be somewhat touchy having to tap my chimp and subsequently move my finger downward to prep the launch, things became second nature over time barring a few areas that were difficult to traverse.

The base gameplay of Chimpact may sound simple, but the game does have a puzzle like quality to it amidst the obvious platforming DNA.  One specific goal may be ever present within a particular stage, but there are often multiple paths to take or hidden gems spread throughout.  Aside from featuring a very crisp and consistent visual style that shocked me as it’s one of the best looking PSM games, the levels of Chimpact do a good job at mixing things up through the arrival of environmental hazards and “spontaneous” events such as branches breaking to open new paths.

Having a simplistic formula does work for Chimpact since it’s the perfect type of game to either play in short bursts or give to a young gamer and not have to worry about the content or difficulty level. But as I moved from one stage to the next I did begin to grow weary with certain elements since there isn’t a whole lot of depth provided through Gem Quest (the main mode within the game). Other than acquiring gems to open new levels, there wasn’t a whole lot for me to do, even when I unlocked a new chimp to play as since the play style doesn’t change radically.

While there may not be any weird issues involving the jump mechanics and the physics making things harder than they should be, I yearned for Chimpact to have something more to it. The addition of greater movement control or even more interaction with the world itself likely would’ve made Chimpact more addicting rather than simply be a carefree game that’s missing a deep arcade style edge to it.

Over the past few weeks some rather uneventful games have appeared on PlayStation Mobile, but Chimpact thankfully isn’t one of them.  The game itself may not be completely perfect since it does enter a repetitive mode rather quickly and it doesn’t help that the secondary mode is filled with challenges that somewhat falter under the actual mechanics of the game. But as a simple going mobile game, Chimpact gets the job done at being a good time killer and something you won’t want to tear your hair out as you play.

Publisher: Yippee Entertainment
Developer: Yippee Entertainment
Platforms: PlayStation Vita (Reviewed), PlayStation Certified devices
Release Date: February 12, 2013
Price: $3.99