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Red Faction: Guerrilla - "Special Weapon" Developer Diary. The Ostrich Hammer.

Usually when a game is criticized by the rabid users of various internet message boards most developers tend to either ignore it or try to stick up for themselves but ultimately look like fools (hi Dennis Dyack). Thankfully the developers at Volition know how to take and joke and then run with it.

When early art leaked for Red Faction Guerilla almost a year ago the folks over at NeoGAF tore the game apart, and to be honest the game wasn’t looking that hot. Amongst the tirade of posts was an image that became quite infamous in the thread in which the hero, who was dubbed Ax Guy, is holding his trusty hammer while attacking an enemy.  The hammer kind of looked like a head of an Ostrich so what else are you supposed to do other than Photoshop an Ostrich body to it?

Now nearly a year later and on April Fool’s Day the developers at Volition have responded to that infamous image and the users of GAF with what could be one of the funniest videos released by a developer in connection with an upcoming game.

Right now it’s unclear if the game will ship with the Ostrich Hammer as a high level online EXP unlock or if it’ll be an add-on bonus. Here’s hoping it’ll be available at launch since it’s by far one of the funniest weapons to be in a game for quite some time.