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This is real pinball wizardry: a virtual pinball machine

Back in the day pinball games had massive appeal and many people would easily spend $5 or more trying to clear a stage or set a high score.  I remember as a kid playing pinball games like The Adams Family, Terminator 2 and Jurassic Park which if I recall correctly had a small pterodactyl figure in one section.

Today it’s a bit hard to find many new pinball machines as the majority of pinball releases now come in the form of small DLC games for the PSN, 360 or PC.  So when I see this amazing custom made visual pinball cabinet it brings a tear to my eye and overwhelms me with nostalgia.

A guy who must be a huge pinball fan did something I’m surprised hasn’t been attempted before and created a pinball machine that doesn’t have an actual ball, track or other features; it’s completely virtual. Utilizing three LCD monitors and an empty Star Trek: TNG cabinet a machine of pinball goodness was created.

All the games are running on a PC emulator and when you see the pinball machine in motion it doesn’t look like a virtual one at all and the only thing that gives it away is when the creator, Chris, is selecting which game to play.

I need to contact this man so I can commission him to build a machine for me.