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QuarterSave: Reasons not to book with Travelocity EP36

Well, it’s been an interesting week to say the least. Unfortunately/fortunately in this week’s episode you’ll get/have to hear Corey and myself provide a bit of a rant about our experiences with Travelocity. With exactly 1 month left before we all head south of the boarder to the grand ol’ city of LA, we found out this week that Travelocity had neglected to book our hotel stay during one of the busiest weeks of the year in LA. Luckily we have resolved the issues and continue on our trek to E3 2010 where we will be reporting on the show for all of our listeners.

Other events of the week include some games that we’ve been enjoying, and a bit of a promotion for our future shows. QuarterSave and ShogunGamer have been doing well in the recent months with developing new contacts and we wanted to give you guys a heads up for what’s in store for the near future. Enjoy this week’s episode, and get hyped for the things we have in store for you!


Beer of the Week:

-Fuller’s Vintage Ale

What’s up?


-Travelocity Rant

-Halo: Reach Invasion Mode


-Travelocity Rant

-iPad Mini-Review


-Bulletstorm’s trailer

-Fallout: New Vegas CE


Trending Topic:

-Shogun/QuarterSave powerplays

The Verdict: