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QuarterSave: Beta Protocol EP39

Welcome to another edition of the QuarterSave Podcast! This week is episode number 39, “Beta Protocol.” We talk about Alpha Protocol a bit, along with the classic Perfect Dark which I’ve been playing again on Xbox Live. Corey of course has been hard at work, so doesn’t have a lot of video games to talk about, but that doesn’t stop him from having an opinion on the week’s new and beer!

Our topic of discussion this week is on updating, which was brought up by Rare’s change of logo for their 25th anniversary. Happy anniversary Rare! You’ve made us re-think everyone else in the industry and their logos.

Show notes and contact information to follow, enjoy the show!


Beer of the Week:

-Hell's Gate Lager

What’s up?


-Alpha Protocol

-Perfect Dark


-Work Stuff


-Earthworm Jim HD/Multiplayer

-Rockstar not going to E3

-Infamous 2 Announced

Trending Topic:


Beer Verdict: