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Sony's Response to PSP2 reveal on January 27th

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While I was at the this year’s Sony Press Conference at CES I couldn't help but feel a little let down when the head of both the PlayStation and Sony Phone didn't confirm a PSPphone.

As we mentioned before, more rumors are coming from inside sources that the PSP2 will be announced on January 27th during one of Sony's largest press events of the year.

The event will be held over in Tokyo and is being called a “business overview and strategy meeting”. Both VG247 and MCV claim to have been tipped off by anonymous source. As always Sony did not comment on the rumor when we reached out for them, but let’s be fair the company has a long history of denying rumors. Instead what we got from our source at Sony U.S. was:

[quote]Just wait and see what happens, it may not be revealed, if it does exist, or it may. Who knows.[/quote]

It is not unrealistic that Sony will announce their newest handheld later this month with all the leaked videos and photos that have been spread across the internet. Along with developers saying they have gotten the developer kits themselves. Personally I have had a slight confirmation that the phone does exist at CES from an anonymous third-party developer saying that the hand held is “amazing!”

It is believed to have a rear-mounted touchpad in addition to traditional buttons, with Sony boss Kaz Hirai even dropping hints that the touch pads are true.

Also much-rumoured is a PSP-branded Sony-Ericsson Android smartphone. Whether this too (or instead) will be revealed at the Tokyo event is unknown. While the alleged reveal is all rumor and speculation, Sony has fallen prey to the same stuff in the past with the PS3 Slim, and the PSPgo in 2009. What is it people always say, “history repeats itself.”