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PSN To Get Sirius?

Earlier this week Joystiq Playstation ran an article about a rumor that originated on the forums which stated that Sirius XM Radio would be heading exclusively to the PlayStation Network. Now the post on the forums came from an “insider” who said that they had seen alleged subscription plans for genre-specific subscriptions which were to be priced for $2.49 on the PlayStation Store.


Since the article was posted on JS Playstation it has been updated saying that it’s all bunk apparently and the original posting on the forums has since been deleted. By now you must be saying “why the hell are you posting this if it’s fake?” To be honest I think there’s a slim chance we could still see Sirius XM Radio hit the PS Store and perhaps if Joystiq did a bit more research they would’ve had a better article.


A few months ago, my memory is a bit hazy but it might’ve been a bit before the Sirius XM merger became finalized, XM released an announcement that Xbox 360 owners would be able to listen to XM radio if they were a subscriber.  There are a few janky ways people can do this now but this XM announcement was one that wouldn’t require such hacking. Since then there obviously hasn’t been any news if the XM feature would still be hitting the 360 perhaps particularly due to the merger with Sirius.


So did Sirius XM change their plan and decided to go exclusively with the PS3? If so was this done because the PS3 is a bit more of an open platform compared to the 360? And obviously there’s the whole issue of how users would go about downloading their radio content.  The Joystiq article brought up the issue that the PS3 doesn’t have a satellite receiver and maybe we’ll see a future firmware update which allows Internet streaming.  Chances are if we do see Sirius XM Radio pop up on the PS Store it’ll most likely follow the business model of, which already features XM radio’s Opie & Anthony show via non-shareable download subscriptions.


Perhaps we’ll see subscriptions soon for O&A, Oprah & Friends and Cosmo Radio on the PS Store at some point.