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Prey 2 Game Details Come In, Sounds Like A Possibly Cool Mash-Up Game

The almost constant and somewhat flip-flop love affair with Prey 2 continues as the latest details on the long awaited sequel will either leave gamers excited as hell or wondering what the hell is happening with the franchise.  As Kotaku revealed late last week, Prey 2 will see the franchise shift focus in just about every major way to give gamers a sequel with a new protagonist, an entirely new setting and several new gameplay mechanics – most of which aren’t simple improvements over what we saw in the previous Prey game.

Prey 2 will indeed be taking gamers on an adventure as a human expat living on an alien world who upon building on his background and profession as a sheriff/prison guard by becoming a bounty hunter.  Going from transporting and dealing with human prisoners/criminals to becoming a Boba Fett type chap may be a bit of a leap for someone, but this is the world of video games so we can’t be too critical with certain plot elements.  Following the somewhat constant trend that has been present in most games for almost a decade, Prey 2 will be giving gamers an expansive environment to explore on the alien planet of Exodus, a world which has deserts, dense cities and forest like areas which should make for a nice palette of diversity.  Gamers will essentially be able to do as they please on Exodus as they can tackle missions whenever they want and in whatever manner they deem necessary.  As stated in the Gamer Reactor article, Killian Samuels (the dudebro looking hero of Prey 2) will be able to sneak through the shadows and pick people off one by one or do a little parkour action and blast some fools up.

Yes, Prey 2 is going the route of jumping on the parkour bandwagon in gaming, which surprisingly only a few games have jumped on, the most notable of which is Assassin’s Creed.  The parkour action of Prey 2 may end up feeling a bit familiar to gamers as the game Mirror’s Edge has been a big influence to Prey 2 developer Human Head Studios.  Most fps games these days are completely devoid of platforming or anything that resembles parkour action so Prey 2 could stand out amongst the crowded fps market seeing as how parkour + sci-fi + big guns = possible retail hit compared to the ultra-stylish and pacifist ways of Mirror’s Edge.  Game Reactor likened the environments of Exodus to those in Assassin’s Creed 2, which could likely mean that there are dozens of way to approach an area thanks to Killian’s sweet parkour skills.

Mirror’s Edge isn’t the only fps game that Prey 2 is taking major inspiration from as Human Head is also taking some notes from Killzone, Mass Effect and Chronicles of Riddick, a trio that I must add are some mighty fine games to be inspired by.  Human Head is aiming to have an accessible cover system like that found in Killzone which should make battles more accessible instead of feeling either slightly stilted or entirely predictable in what I assume is the goal to avoid the stop and pop gopher nature that some cover based games have these days.

Prey 2 will also have a few basic elements that we’re used to seeing from the fps/sci-fi genre such as upgradeable weapons/armor/abilities and the inclusion of hot alien chicks.  From reports that have come in, the look of Prey 2 isn’t as crazy and outlandish as the first Prey game as some of the alien designs are reminiscent to those found in the Mass Effect games.  But even if we don’t have an abundant amount of portals that look like a part of a woman’s anatomy, I think we should be fine with exploring an alien world and even hopping inside a Mos Eisley like alien bar.

Prey 2 is also bucking the trend of most fps games these days by not including a multiplayer mode.  Whenever an fps game is announced the first thing people ask about is what sort of multiplayer mode the game will have since in some games that’s the go-to mode for many. But Human Head is entirely focused on giving gamers a solid single-player experience with Prey 2 since the first Prey game had a less than thrilling multiplayer mode given the context of the game.  So for not buckling to the trends I commend Human Head for not adding a multiplayer mode in Prey 2 and honestly, how would one be possible in an open-world fps game?

I was happy to hear that a Prey sequel was still happening but when the first image of Killian was released I wasn’t that thrilled with the apparent direction the game was taking. But upon hearing these details about the game, which is still being dubbed as a more sci-fi version of Blade Runner, I think Prey 2 will deliver gamers some goodness, though I still don’t know if it’s exactly what the people who have been waiting over six years for the sequel want out of the game.  The combination of parkour platforming, cover based action and the ability to tackle things as the player sees fit is a combination that we hardly see in games today and that could possibly lead Prey 2 to becoming a possible surprise hit once the game drops for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC next year.