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Prey 2 Details Sound Intriguing, Not A Complete Dudebro Adaptation + A Teaser Trailer

Yesterday it seemed like the dudebro era element in gaming had officially reached every possible facet as the sequel to Prey seemingly appeared to be going in an unlikely direction.  Despite only seeing a mere cover for a magazine, seeing the supposed hero of Prey 2 left a somewhat bad taste in mouths of those looking forward to the game. Instead of following up with Prey 1 protagonist Tommy, who kept things simple with a jacket and some jeans, we had a hero that seemed like he could’ve been plopped into a Splinter Cell, Modern Warfare or a Resident Evil game.

With such an apparent departure in design and weaponry (at least based on what was shown) the hype for Prey 2 almost deflated to a near demoralizing degree.  But all may not be lost, well aside from having Tommy as a hero, as Prey 2 is indeed set in the same universe as the first game, but at the same time it slightly goes off into reboot/spin-off territory.

Sources have claimed to Kotaku that Prey 2 will cast gamers in the role of a human bounty hunter.  Now Prey 2 isn’t going the Modern Warfare or heaven forbid Rogue Warrior territory by completely forgoing the complete sci-fi nature found in the first game. Thankfully there will be a few strands that tie-together the two Prey games, the most important of which is an airplane that was seen near the beginning of the first game.  Reportedly the plot of Prey 2 follows a U.S. Marshal who was aboard the plane that Tommy saw crash in the beginning moments of the first game.  After being enslaved by the aliens, our friendly but unlucky Marshal is eventually freed from the chains of bondage and finds himself the lone human on an alien planet that has been likened to the cityscapes found in “Blade Runner.” 

Prey 2 will reportedly take a note from Stranger’s Wrath by having our now relocated Marshal resuming his duties as a bounty hunter, except you know he’s hunting aliens instead of humans.  If Prey 2 is like the FX show “Justified” in space and still has a plot that ties into what happened in the first Prey game then I may be up for that. 

As was mentioned in the announcement we received yesterday, Prey 2 will feature vast open-environments which as per Kotaku’s source have been dubbed as an open-world game. At this point the exact details are hazy so we could have something like Batman: Arkham Asylum on our hands in respects to how large the environments are or the game will truly be an open-world/sandbox fps game. Seeing as how gamers will reportedly have multiple ways to finish a mission in Prey 2, I’m leaning towards the game taking more inspiration from Batman: Arkham Asylum than a game like Red Dead Redemption.

Other elements that are new to the Prey franchise includes an emphasis on platforming, which is never a good thing to have in an fps game, and a unique cover system. So what’s so unique about the cover system in Prey 2 after we’ve had hundreds of cover based shooters flood the market?  Well supposedly gamers will be able to grip the ledge of a building and use that for cover. So just imagine a dude holding onto the ledge of a building or balcony as he hangs off it and tackles shooting guys at the same time.  It may sound silly but it could be a cool visual to see.

I still would’ve liked to have seen a direct continuation of the first Prey game via Tommy’s journey as potential role as the savior of Earth.  But I must admit that having an open-world sci-fi fps game does sound rather cool.  I just hope that Prey 2 maintains a nice amount of the WTF factor (see this example) and doesn’t concede too much in an attempt to appeal to a mass audience, hence why the main character looks like he could be plopped into three other video games.

Some of the details concerning Prey 2 have been partially confirmed today as G4TV has posted a live-action PRey 2 teaser trailer set onboard said airplane as it's attacked and dudes are blown in half. The trailer itself is rather entertaining and it's interesting that such a route was taken to debut the project to gamers. 

Dudebro images courtesy of Foil