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Illfonic reboots Open Source FPS Nexuiz

Since our interview with Illfonic last year we've been keeping an eye on this development team. Illfonic graced us late Monday with with an email about their latest project Nexuiz. Working with Alientrap, Illfonic will be bringing the fun, fast paced first person shooter to XBox, PS3, and the Wii.

Now most people probably have not heard of Nexuiz before, but it is actually an existing game. Launched in 2002, the developers over at AlienTrap have been working on this as an open source project. Designed to run on Windows, Linux and OSX, Nexuiz is a free open-source first person shooter.

Here's a quick trailer of the original open source project.

Well now developer Illfonic has teamed with AlienTrap to deliver a console ready overhaul of the project. A complete 180 from Ghetto Golf, Illfonics other IP currently in development. Here's a sample of what the new and improved Nexuiz will hold.

An interesting addition in the form of match"mutations" should also be noted. This new feature will allow you to change gameplay settings on the fly. Making those late nights even later due to escalating winner requirements.

We hope this is the first of many new original or rebooted titles to come from Illfonic. After their newest campaign boasted of their increased support for indie developer's, we're really looking forward to heaing morer from the gang at Illfonic.

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