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The PlayStation Vita Gets A Somewhat Unique Title With SumiOni

Since we’re a week away from the Tokyo Game Show more Japanese developers are starting to announce what games their prepping for the PlayStation Vita.  So far the potential launch line-up for the PlayStation Vita is incredibly solid but is filled with a lot of 1st party efforts, some of which are new entry in existing franchises.  But thanks to a few Japanese developers we’re going to get some possibly cool original titles for the Vita including SumiOni, which I don’t know how to describe other than being a 2D action experience akin to the cult Capcom game Okami.

Coming to us from Acquire, they developed the Tenchu games back in the day, SumiOni is a rather straight forward 2D side-scrolling action game with one key gimmick: you can draw attacks. I don’t know if the devs at Acquire perhaps decided to tear a note out of Okami’s book and do a slight riff on that, but SumiOni allows gamers to create calligraphy attacks via using the front touchscreen of the PlayStation Vita.

The comparisons to Okami are somewhat hard not to draw since SumiOni even features a similar Japanese wash painting style and of course there’s the whole calligraphy angle as well.  Though I wouldn’t say that SumiOni is a complete copy cat as of now since the premier trailer, which is a bit long winded before the goodness happens, does show a decent amount of combat and some nice art motifs.  The one problem I have with SumiOni right now is that the game does look a bit stiff animation wise and I’m wondering if this is the first sign of a potential trend we see of Vita games that could very well appear on the iOS platform since the touchscreen mechanic does seem to be rather simple.

As of now SumiOni has only been announced for Japan and given the nature of the game I don’t know if it has a good chance of being released in North America and Europe.  SumiOni may not end up being the greatest game via its use of the PlayStation Vita but at least developers are supporting the platform and gamers will have some options on the software front.