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The Platforming Action Of Devil May Cry Is Showed Off In This New Vid

The end of 2011 is almost upon us and the unthinkable has happened: an exceptional looking Devil May Cry video has been released. Now, just hang in there for a minute as I’m not a complete hater of Capcom’s Devil May Cry reboot and more importantly the video in question does show off some original elements that don’t tarnish the DMC gamers love so much.

Say what you will about the Ninja Theory helmed reboot of Devil May Cry, but one thing that has almost been universal amongst gamers it that the game is nice to look at.  The combat may still have a few issues and the lack of a 60fps framerate may be disconcerting, but the Devil May Cry series has always been about style and that’s something Ninja Theory knows how to execute quite well.  Capcom and Ninja Theory may still not have given us the full gamut of what DmC will offer as far as boss battles, characters, and plot lines are concerned but we have a new video showcasing one of the new elements set to be in the game: a transforming city.

There’s been a lot of hubbub about the thematic direction Ninja Theory is taking DmC as it has been described as something that young folks who are put down by the system can relate to. I don’t know about you, but I don’t know of many young people these days who are half demons and go on to fight monsters in city streets.

Anyway, in DmC there’s a world that only Dante can see which of course is run by demonic entities hell bent on destroying him by any means necessary. One such way the powers that be would attempt to kill Dante is by having a city transform, almost Inception style, which results in walls flipping over, streets moving, and objects floating or simply being hurled in a violent manner.

Ninja Theory haven’t really discussed just how many of the locales in DmC will transform but the video we have today shows the familiar city location doing its best to thwart the plans of Dante.  The sequence as a whole appears to be a linear section of scripted platforming that while a bit dull still has a nice amount of style and is rather impressive based on its technical merits.

I know that platforming has never really been a major element of the DMC franchise, though it has been present in brief stages, but I don’t think this video is entirely indicative of what DmC will offer. Ninja Theory will surely provide some variety via scenarios like the one depicted in the video but I don’t think we need to worry about Dante becoming a would-be parkour champ when it comes to navigating demonic worlds.

Devil May Cry is still a longs way off from reassuring the many gamers out there that the game will be good but I’ll admit that I’m impressed with some of the artistic elements Ninja Theory is adding to the game and if anything at least we know it’ll be pretty to look at.