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Perfect Dark coming out for Xbox Live Arcade

Take a trip back with me to the year 2000. A time when a tank full of gas didn't double the value of your car, Y2K ultimately didn't pan out with doomsday being subsequently pushed back to 2012 and Rare was pumping out reasons to own a N64 housed in convenient molded plastic. Games like GoldenEye 007, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Mickey’s Racing, Blast Corps and of course Perfect Dark.

Back in the day when consoles still cared about ‘bits’, Rare pushed the N64 to its figurative and literal limits (you couldn't even play Perfect Dark or Donkey Kong 64 without the Expansion Pak. The latter of which thoughtfully had the Pak pak'd in free for nothing. Though some included Prozac would have been nice for when the intro DK rap was pushing your sanity limits).

At this year's e3, Major Nelson twittered (tweeted?) that Perfect Dark would be coming to XBLA and churning pixels at 1080P[D] which according to its page makes the game "silkier…than ever before." There's also a typo on this page for the developer, they mispelt Rare as '4J Studios'. It's been a long time coming for Perfect Dark in any incarnation to hit Xbox and I think it would be a welcome addition to the platform. On an unrelated note, I like how Indiana Jones stopped at a trilogy and The Martrix at a unigy.

The multiplayer features and customization it contains rivals games of today. Stuff like saved rank progression, stat tracking including: lifetime accuracy, bullets fired and (with the gyrometer) amount of times controller thrown. The one thing that gives me pause when thinking about playing online is what will now be the ultimate grief causing weapon in any FPS game… the Farshot. Ever play a FPS and meet the player (and the business end of their gun) that can headshot you with a shotgun across the map? Imagine a gun that allows them to now tag you ANYWHERE on the map with a gun that shoots through walls and ceilings. Yeah.