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PDP to Exclusively Provide Accessories for Microsoft's Kinect

Microsoft has teamed up with PDP to exclusively offer future Kinect owners several options to mount the motion control device that launches this November 4th.

Press release listed the following:

  • Wall Mount for Kinect: $14.99 - The Wall Mount provides a quick and easy solution for mounting your valuable Kinect for Xbox 360 to the wall. 
  • TV Mount for Kinect: $39.99 - The TV Mount uses the VESA spec standard as a one-and-all solutions for mounting Kinect for Xbox 360 to any size TV (from 26" to 60")
  • Floor Stand for Kinect: $29.99 - With a large tripod base and secure locking mechanism, the Floor Stand is designed to allow the Kinect Sensor to be elevated above the floor to help prevent the Kinect for Xbox 360 from foot traffic and dirt.
  • Cable Extension for Kinect: $49.99 - The Cable Extension for Kinect will allow you to extend your connection by over 9 feet, allowing you to place Kinect for Xbox 360 virtually anywhere in your living space.

The new Kinect peripherals will be available to purchase from retailers such as Gamestop starting October 15th.

In my opinion the Cable Extension seems way too pricey. I guess depending on how future Kinect owners will have their set-up will be dependent on whether or not they willing shell out the extra dough for these accessories.

Never underestimate the mounting power of duct tape or velcro!