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OMG, Activision is prepping a sequel to DJ Hero!!!!! (-_-)

Prepare to be surprised as it looks like Activision is in the early stages of developing a sequel to its upcoming buttery beats game DJ Hero. I know this almost is a non-news story since Activision loves money and they’ve been clearly setting up for DJ Hero to become a yearly franchise on the same level as Guitar Hero.

The actual DJ Hero 2 news comes via GI Biz who states that an independent developer has been working with DJ Hero developer Freestyle Games on preparing the sequel. One interesting tidbit aside from the unsurprising sequel news is that supposedly Activision has approached DJ Qbert and DMC Champion about appearing in the sequel or possibly through DLC. The roster for DJ Hero is impressive already but if these two legends join the next game then that should make for one hell of an experience.

If you’re like me and are still a bit on the fence as to whether you should pick up DJ Hero then I suggest you check out your local EB Games/GameStop store as some of them have received DJ Hero demo kits.

[Via GI Biz]