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Oddworld is finally making a comeback

I never got into the Oddworld franchise for some reason. On one hand I could appreciate what Lorne Lanning and his team at Oddworld Inhabitants did but it just didn’t appeal to me that much. But while the Oddworld franchise never exactly blew up to huge proportions, it has maintained a very loyal fanbase that for the past few years have been yearning to see the adventures of Abe or the mysterious Stranger continue.

Well if you’re a fan of the funny voiced Abe then you can tip back a celebratory brew (just not Soul Storm) as the series is indeed making a return to the HD consoles.

Developer Just Add Water has announced that they’re bringing Oddworld across multiple platforms.  The new Oddworld game is only the second project for indie developer who previously worked on the PSN/PSP game Gravity Crash.  Despite JAW (awesome acronym) being a young studio, hardcore Oddworld fans shouldn’t worry about the new games lacking the style and humor of the previous games as JAW is working closely with Oddworld Inhabitants, specifically Lorne Lanning.

No additional details on the new Oddworld project were revealed but the JAW blog did promise more info in the coming weeks and months, some of which may be revealed on the official Oddworld Twitter page.