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Now You Can Create Your Very Own Saiyan Warrior Thanks To Dragon Ball: Ultimate Tenkaichi

New episodes of Dragon Ball haven’t aired on TV in years and Dragon Ball: Evolution was a massive dud but for some reason we’re still receiving video games.  Coming to us next month will likely be the last Dragon Ball game so Dragon Ball: Ultimate Tenkaichi has its work cut out for itself among the legions of DB fans who want to see a worth wild video game actually be released for once.

Personally I kind of forgot that a new DB fighting game was coming out in North America but considering that Dragon Ball: Ultimate Tenkaichi is very similar to what we’ve seen in the past you really can’t blame me.  Over the last few years Namco has followed a specific formula for their Dragon Ball projects which often resorts to being a standard 1 vs. 1 fighter, which at times can be a bit boring since we’ve seen such a thing since the PS2 generation.  Dragon Ball is no doubt known for fight scenes that can take anywhere between three to five episodes to finish, but it would be nice to have an old-school Dragon Ball adventure game if only to actually interact with the capsule and Saiyan filled world of Dragon Ball.

While Dragon Ball: Ultimate Tenkaichi may run off the checklist of standard DB fighting game requirements, there is one new mode that has caught my eye: a character creator. It may have taken nearly a decade for it to happen but a Dragon Ball game will finally allow us to create our own warrior, whether it’s a riff on Sho’nuff from The Last Dragon or our own vision of what we would look like if we were a fighter that had a tail and could shoot energy blasts at people.  The character creator mode in Ultimate Tenkaichi looks like it has a decent amount of depth since gamers can choose their clothing, skin type, hair and of course what fighting style they want to kick ass with.

Since gamers can take their created character into the new Hero Mode (roam the land and beat people up) there stands a good chance that Ultimate Tenkaichi will gain an audience if only for the potential goof factor.  Maybe it’s just me, but if I can create a ridiculous purple skinned fighter and do some sort of joke riddled commentary with my friends whilst playing then Dragon Ball: Ultimate Tenkaichi will definitely be worth a rental.