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Nintendo Provides A Glimpse Of The 3DS Update

We now sit five days away from E3, but for Nintendo 3DS users June 6 will be just as exciting as the gaming conference.

I am of course referring to the long anticipated release of the first software update for the handheld device. Since the release of the 3DS back in March, owners have been awaiting this update as it will greatly enhance the 3DS experience.

So what will this update consist of? I’m glad you asked. The software update consists of two major points, the Internet browser and eShop. The internet browser application was made available at release, but wasn’t made active. Due to the natural disasters that plagued Japan just before the 3DS launch, the update was delayed. The web browser will work much like its predecessor on the DSi, aside from the added 3D effect.

Having the Internet browser is fine and dandy, but adding the eShop will greatly enhance gamer appeal and boost sales of the device for Nintendo. With a less than stellar game library at launch and to date, the 3DS has slowed in sales. Frankly I haven’t picked mine up in weeks. The eShop will deliver applications and downloadable games right to the handheld. It’s worth noting that the other reason this update was delayed was to improve and perfect the online store.

When the update goes live on Monday evening Pacific time, gamers will be able to download two free titles, Pokedex 3D and Excitebike re-mastered in 3D. Heed my warning, Excitebike will only be free till July 7, so get it right away. Or within a month... or don’t get it at all and see if I care. Pokedex 3D will present registered Pokemon from the Unova region (Black and White) in crazy three-dimensions. The best feature about this App is being able to use the AR system in the 3DS. While in the AR, it will present the Pocket Monsters in the real world. Now you can have your Tepig take pictures with your cat and you can upload them to the web for the whole world to see. The one thing to take away from this is what it could possibly mean for the future of the Pokemon franchise. We all know Nintendo is working on a game for the 3DS and it’s probably safe to say it we will be hearing something about it in the near future.

Nintendo also revealed a few titles that will be available after the update. Super Mario World, Alleyway and Radar Mission will hit the store. New content for the eShop will be available every Thursday. One of my biggest anticipated releases is Netflix on the 3DS. No release date has been set, but expect to hear more on Tuesday when E3 kicks off.

It will be interesting to see what exactly comes to the eShop, but one thing is for sure it will give gamers a reason to pick up their 3DS and play.