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Nintendo makes Wii horse peripheral (chaps optional)

When it comes to Nintendo, their ability to make a strange new peripherals is matched only by their ability to repackage and resell old franchises. Speaking of which, it's almost gotten to the point where the Peripheral has de facto become it's own Nintendo franchise up there with the likes of Mario and Zelda.  Cement for their claim to peripheral fame came frame.. I mean from the announcement of the mendbending assault on reason that was the Wii Vitality Sensor (whose existence has been quiet ever since). With that, Nintendo had not only taken the cake but every other pastry and pumpernickel loaf in the bakery.

Flash forward to now. A new equestrian peripheral is quite literally chomping at the bit to enter homes near or around you. As seen in the pictures from a European patent, it's an inflatable cushion type deal to sit on with a pouch for your Wiimote to slip in and respond to the physical motion that a Halo player would reign supreme at.  The nunchuck would then be used for holding the reins or a weapon of some kind. The patent lists the following examples of creatures to ride:  “bulls, camels, elephants, burros, dolphins, whales” and from cryptozoology: “dragons, griffons, unicorns, giant eagles” the last one would be useful if you ever need to save some hobbits from the side of a volcano.

The genius I came to appreciate was that by just announcing (and not necessarily releasing) the Vitality Sensor,  every other peripheral that Nintendo makes automatically gets legitimacy points.. for not being the Vitality Sensor.

(Be sure to check out the 4th image, I made a .gif to illustrate the use of this device)