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Nintendo files football peripheral patent

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Are the R&D devs at Nintendo and Sony drinking some sort of special kool-aid or something? A few weeks ago we got a glimpse at the Nintendo bouncy ball patent meant to simulate house riding amongst other things and shortly after that Sony’s laugh and facial recognition patent were unearthed. Now Nintendo is back with another lol worthy patent that really doesn’t make that much sense outside of being a pointless accessory for people to waste money on. has found a patent filed by Nintendo that is essentially a squishy football that you can put a Wii controller inside. So for all those football games that require throwing motions you can actually feel like the QB but inside the comfort of your home all whilst looking like a fool. But perhaps this peripheral will catch on amongst those former high school quarterbacks longing to relive their glory days.

The patent does list some examples of how you could use this peripheral such as moving the ball left or right to avoid tacklers thanks to the motion sensing capabilities of the ball.

Maybe if I was a sports fan my I would be going gaga over this device but it really doesn’t scream innovation or feature any awe-inspiring tech.  I guess it could be cool to use for a game like Madden but chances are it’ll be relegated to a future Wii Sports game.  But with the bouncy ball patent and now this football peripheral I wonder what else Nintendo is cooking up.  Perhaps we’ll see a cricket bat controller to penetrate that genre or maybe a small soccer ball that you can pop the Wiimote in and strap to your ankle so you can actually kick it. I dare to dream.

[Via Siliconera]