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Nintendo continues to puzzle us with their latest trademark

I love when silly patents or trademarks are uncovered as they give an amazing insight on proposed peripherals or in some cases give us our first piece of info on unannounced games or consoles. But today a new trademark has been uncovered by Siliconera that will probably leave everyone wondering “WTF is going on.”

In the spirit of being wacky and generally not giving a crap, which they can since the Wii is still a money printing machine; Nintendo has filed the trademark “Zii” to use with video games and electronic devices.

No other details were listed in the patent but Nintendo filed the trademark on October 30 so it may be awhile before we learn what the hell Zii is if we do at all. For all we know this trademark could just be a one off thing of Nintendo trying to cover their bases from potential copy cats out there but you can never really know what Nintendo is doing or what their goal is. After all this is the company that plans on giving us the Wii Vitality Sensor and wanted you to sit on a cushion to play a game.

[Via Siliconera]