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Nintendo Announces 3DS Software Update

With the launch of the Nintendo 3DS a few months ago and coinciding natural disasters there was speculation of when the hand-held would be receiving its first major software update. That wait is now over.

The update will come just one day before the biggest gaming conference of the year on June 6 in North America. 3DS users will need access to a wireless broadband Internet connection in order to download the free update.

The software update will enable the Internet browser and install the Nintendo eShop. In the eShop user will have access to games as well as downloadable content. Wild Internet speculation pegged the delay of the update on Nintendo trying to perfect their eShop.

Here is some food for thought. With the update coming right before E3, will Nintendo have something in the bag for the conference? It wouldn’t be a surprise to see Nintendo pull a cat out of their hat after the eShop being in development for as long as it has. In the past, Nintendo’s vast library of past games has made it on to their recent consoles, however original content has been lacking. Personally I would love to see the addition of unique arcade games making its way to the eShop.

E3 kicks off June 7 and we will have you covered with all the coverage your geek hearts will need.