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Nikkei reveals some exciting new features for the PSP2

This week isn’t going to be average and slightly dull as is sometimes the case at the end of January as we’re finally going to receive some official details on the PSP2.  After staying mum on the subject for months, all while the rumor mills where churning thanks to a ton of leaks, Sony will be holding the aptly named PlayStation Meeting on January 27th in Japan.  So what will the PlayStation Meeting focus on? Word on the street is that Sony will finally show the PSP2, with the Xperia Play being a long shot as it isn’t a project of Sony Computer Entertainment.

We may still be a few days away from the impending PSP2 reveal but Nikkei has a few details on the device which are rather interesting. First off Nikkei is reporting that the PSP2 will include 3G support to allow gamers to not only play games online but download multimedia entertainment like music and movies. The multimedia aspect that the 3G support offers vibes with how Sony as a corporate entity seems to be pushing a connection between their services and different branches, thus I wouldn’t be surprised if we can all download The Green Hornet or The Social Network on day 1 when the PSP2 launches.

Nikkei reports that in Japan mobile carrier DoCoMo will provide the 3G support for the PSP2. So at this point it’s unknown what the carriers will be in North America and Europe and whether or not 3G will carry a subscription based fee or merely be factored into the overall price of the handheld.

The PSP2 already sounds like a beast with the addition of 3G, but Nikkei is reporting that Sony’s new handheld will also feature an OLED touchscreen. OLED screens are known for their extremely bright and vibrant picture quality and from my experience with the Walkman X (which has an OLED touchscreen) I can vouch for how damn sexy the tech is.  The only potential downside to the PSP2 having an OLED touchscreen is that the thing may be pricey as I paid $400 for the 32GB Walkman X. So it may be a bit presumptuous to gauge what Sony will do with the PSP2 based on that, but I think we may be looking at a handheld that starts at $300 and could go up from there.

Sadly despite the details Nikkei somehow gleamed, the all-important price and release date details are still unknown.  Previously word pointed to the PSP2 dropping later this year and for all we know that could be the case still, at least in Japan. A lot of people wondered if Sony would perhaps not focus on providing consumers and gamers with cutting edge tech for the PSP2 like they did with the original PSP, which many considered to be a major issue, but it looks like Sony is just going all out for the PSP2. The combo of an OLED touchscreen, dual analog sticks, 3G, back of unit touchpad, and the possibility of a built in camera and microphone may mean that the PSP2 will leave us gasping once the price is announced (repeat of E3 2006 perhaps?) but oh man am I excited, even if it means I’ll have to get a second job.

If Sony delivers on the hardware and the games are good then the PSP2 is going to be a complete beast and I can’t wait to see it in action.


[via Andriasang]