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New Xbox 360 Dashboard

One of the most interesting points of the modern generation of consoles is the fact that via a downloadable update the look and feel of your console can change rather dramatically. Microsoft has already gone through this process once from the original dashboard to the New Xbox Experience (NXE), and it looks like they are poised to do it again this fall.

While we already knew there would be some minor modifications to the dashboard to help with the integration of Kinect, the photos that were released earlier this week show a little more than we all expected. Microsoft looks to be designing the third iteration of their dashboard which, I have to say, looks pretty slick!

Taking a cue from the new iPhone the boxes that are used to navigate the Xbox interface look a whole lot... boxier. Everything has hard edges again, and dramatically square... ier? I think it looks sharp personally, while I might not be a fan of boxy looking cars, it seems to work well for interfaces and electronics (or maybe that's just what Apple has reprogrammed me to believe).

Other than the graphical change there are sure to be some advancements on navigation to assist with the new Kinect interface. However, it's unclear from the images provided exactly how the navigation with Kinect will work (specifically accessing the Xbox Quick Select Menu, and other such Home-Button based features). We'll be sure to have more information about it for you as soon as we get confirmation on the changes to the dashboard.

In the meantime, what do you think? You like sharp edges and motion controlled interfaces, or would you rather hold on to the soft bubbles of NXE?