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New WW2 Game Bringing Dinosaurs to Nazis

These days, it's hard to make a WWII game that people really care about. Most of the established series have moved to modern war, and people just generally get tired of replaying the D-Day invasion as it tends to get repetitive. The guys at Digital Ranch, however, decided to make something somewhat new. Using the Source engine, they are working on a game titled Dino D-Day.

Dino D-Day is a multiplayer game taking place in an alternate WWII where Hitler apparently brought back dinosaurs, and they are fighting with the Nazis in some rather creative ways. Players have the option to play as the Allied side, with 6 potential human characters, or the Axis, with 3 humans and 3 dinosaurs. The use of the source engine is interesting, considering that it is a fairly old engine, though one that is constantly updated, but the screenshots look pretty impressive nonetheless.

Despite the age of the engine the game is running on, which does makes sense to use considering how easy it is to work with, from the screenshots and the video of the game are truly impressive. I was figuring that WW2 was pretty much drained for games based around it, especially considering that some of the more recent games within the time period have not quite met expectations. Maybe it's something about seeing a dinosaur with a panzer cannon-iron cross included-strapped to its back, or maybe it's something about seeing Allied soldiers being expectedly mauled by velociraptors, but I'm really looking forward to seeing how this game turns out.

The beta for Dino D-Day starts on March 1st, though is limited to the first 1000 to sign up, and release is currently scheduled for March 29th on Steam. The game site can be found here. Trailer can be seen below.