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New Mortal Kombat MKcast is now up, features lots of Kung Lao badassery

The MKast has returned once again to inform Mortal Kombat fans of what they can expect from the next installment of the brutal fighting franchise.  The third part of a four part MKast, this latest installment delves deep into the new gameplay enhancements and additions that are being made to the latest Mortal Kombat.

To the fighting game elite out there, the Mortal Kombat series has never been known for its amazing combat depth compared to games like Tekken or Street Fighter, but the team at NetherRealm are aiming to add some new things to the franchise which ought to open things up a bit and offer more strategic combat opportunities.

So what can gamers expect from the new Mortal Kombat?  Well this MKast discusses how Combo Breakers can be used, how the Super Meter ties into Combo Breakers, and how Command Throws are finally in the game.  The NetherRealm staff also discuss what they’re striving to do with the specific fighting traits of the characters and based on the footage that’s shown, they’ve definitely done an excellent job of making all the fighters have a distinct style. Whether or not they control distinctly obviously remains to be seen since I sadly haven’t gotten any hands-on time with the new MK yet.

This new MKast has a lot of cool gameplay footage, of which the Kung Lao segment at the 7:18 mark is the highlight for me. We all knew the Shaolin Monk had some skill in him, but in the new MK his skills have been upped tremendously and the man is a combo juggle machine.

See all the new Mortal Kombat footage and learn of the impending goodness in the latest MKast, available below.