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New Jurassic Park: The Game BTS Video Offers Insight On The Project and Shows Lots Of Dinosaurs

Next month we’re going to receive something we’ve been wanting for a long time: a new Jurassic Park game is going to be bestowed upon us. It almost seems absurd that there’s not more hype going on for the first installment of Telltale Games’ Jurassic Park game but yeah, next month we’re getting a FREAKING JURASSIC PARK VIDEO GAME!! That alone should have gamers, young and old, going into raptor Jesus mode since the Jurassic Park franchise is still one that holds weight today and seeing a video game that features dinosaurs is a rarity these days.

So with my excitement for the Jurassic Park video game stated, I was extremely happy to see a new developer diary/bts video pop up today for the game.  It’s a bit odd that we haven’t seen more of the game thus far, but I guess Telltale Games is just holding their cards close to their chest since it would be silly to spoil some of the thrills that are to be had in the game.  Part of this new video for the JP game features some of the things we’re used to seeing from videos of this nature, but it does have a fair bit of new footage and a tease for a new dinosaur that was never featured in a JP movie.  Sadly the dinosaur in question isn’t amphibious in nature but instead is one that stalks in the shadows and leaves its prey with a paralyzing bite.  As if worrying about the T-Rex or velociraptors wasn’t enough now we have paralyzed bite inducing dinosaurs to worry about as well; isn’t Jurassic Park a terrific theme park?

Jurassic Park may still not be the game gamers would primarily want it to be (an open-world action game) but if Telltale Games delivers some good puzzles and quick time events that aren’t infuriating, then they could have a hit on their hands. The only downside is that only PC and Mac gamers are getting Jurassic Park: The Game next month while console owners (presumably PS3 peeps) will have to wait until the Fall to play the game. But considering some gamers have been waiting since 1993 to play a decent Jurassic Park game, I don’t think waiting a few more months will be that tough.