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New interview for The Last Guardian has some interesting tidbits

Not only is there a massive amount of hype surrounding The Last Guardian, but there’s also a great deal of mystery surrounding the project.  The somewhat enigmatic nature of Team Ico’s new game isn’t too surprising since there was an equal amount of mystery surrounding Ico and The Last Guardian. But still, gamers are so enamored with the world of TLG that they’re already wondering what connection, if any, The Last Guardian has to Ico and SOTC.

At this juncture we’re still sadly in the dark about the world of The Last Guardian.  But this isn’t a completely pointless post as we do have some small yet highly informative details - at least on a teasing scale. Speaking with the PlayStation Blog, Team Ico mastermind Fumito discussed The Last Guardian and in the process gave us some teases that will take the hype meter to the next level.

When asked about the enemies encountered in the game, Ueda replied “I can’t give you any details about the enemies. But I will say that they are not acting fully out of their own intentions.” The answer may be coy, but the “not fully acting out of their own intentions” part is extremely interesting.

From the last trailer for the game, it appears that the enemies aren’t living breathing men in armor but actually appear to be similar to the shadow creatures from Ico once their armor is broken. Could we perhaps see the return of Dormin from SOTC? It may be a bit of a stretch, but I fully expect TLG to fall in line with the core mythos of Ico and SOTC.

Along with that enemy tease, Ueda also dropped this nugget of info when asked if Trico (the creature) was the only massive creature in the world:

[quote=Fumito Ueda] Again, I can’t give you any specific details. But there may be something like that out there…[/quote]

So yeah, bigger enemies in The Last Guardian confirmed. I doubt we’ll see the little boy and Trico come across bigger enemies in epic boss battles, but if Team Ico gives us a few small battles or merely establishes that there are bigger creatures in that universe then minds will be blown.

I doubt we’ll get any major info on The Last Guardian in the coming months, but at least we’ll get a few morsels every now and then from Fumito Ueda.