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New Images Of Animal Wars, The Cancelled PS3 Game From Factor 5

Once a great company with a loyal following, Factor 5 sadly became one of the first major victims of this console generation under somewhat shocking circumstances.  After failing to deliver on their initial promises with the PS3 exclusive Lair, Factor 5 went on to produce several projects internally while working on a non-movie related Superman video game.  Factor 5 may have not delivered the goods with Lair, but their Superman project seemed promising – that is until publisher Brash Entertainment went belly up and Factor 5 was one of many unfortunate studios that subsequently fell apart due to the lack of funds being funneled into the company.

Factor 5 may be nothing more than a faint memory of greatness gone at this point, but one of the studio’s unreleased project has finally been unveiled. First revealed via a thread on NeoGAF, one of Factor 5’s projects under their multi-game deal with Sony Computer Entertainment was a project dubbed Animal Wars, which as the name implies did indeed feature animals fighting one another.  Only one piece of concept art was revealed in the NeoGAF thread along with a few faint details which described the game as being similar to Warhawk except this time the Eucadian and Chernovan forces were replaced with characters named the Beaver Pioneer (insert your own joke here).

We may not have the full story on Animal Wars just yet, but Unseen64 has received some more concept art and renders for the game – which according to sources is all that remains of the project.  In its prime Factor 5 had some terrific artists and I think the concept images of Animal Wars are indicative of that.  The concept of the game itself may not have been totally new, but it still would’ve been intriguing to see Factor 5 tackle a presumably multiplayer centric war game with animals in place of human characters.  The concept may seem too kiddy centric and perhaps that could be why Sony axed it in favor of Lair, I’m sure Phil Harrison is proud of that decision, but in its heyday Factor 5 knew what they were doing post the Lair debacle.

Seeing the concept art of Animal Wars and just looking back at Factor 5 in general makes me sad that the studio isn’t around anymore, at least beyond being a registered name by some of the founding members.  I don’t think anyone will argue that Lair is an underrated gem in the PS3 software catalog but it just sucks that Factor 5 only had one main shot this generation and their other projects simply fell through due to lack of funds.  Those responsible for the less than stellar product that was Lair should be held responsible for that game since it was a bit atrocious in execution, but I just think it sucks that we’re still at a point in the industry where established studios can become a thing of the past in a mere month since the industry is so competitive and built on immediate success having to be obtained.  

To check out more of the Animal Wars concept art head over to Unseen64.