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New Fear 3 Trailers Featuring MP Action & Some Surburban Chaos

It's little more than a month away until gamers are thrusted back into the town of Fairport to once again submerged themselves into the horror that Day 1 Studios' F.3.A.R. promises to deliver.

To satisfy your need to be scared, we have a couple of new trailers that features some of the new multiplayer modes mayhem that waits gamers and some new scare filled gameplay footage.

The first trailer showcases F.3.A.R.'s four multiplayers modes that will be available. They include:

  • F**king Run: Escape the constantly pursuing Alma's Wall of Death while fighting through enemies.
  • Contractions: This mode is identical to Call of Duty's zombie mode where you fight off floods of oncoming enemies and build barricades to help keep Alma's evil minions at bay.
  • Soul Survivor: Co-op team base gameplay where one team member gets corrupted by Alma and then has to try to corrupt the other team members. Basically playing an evil game of Tag.
  • Soul King: You assume the role a ghost and must try to kill other human players and gather the most souls.

The second trailer features some creepy new gameplay footage that shows gamers the devastation that descended upon the suburban town of Fairport after the events of the first two F.E.A.R.s.

F.3.A.R. releases on May 24th on Xbox 360, PS3 & PC.