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New F.3.A.R. trailer shows off Paxton Fettel [Video/Screens]

When your mom is a lady with unique supernatural powers and was experimented on as a girl it shouldn’t be surprising if you find yourself bestowed with “unique” abilities.  In fact Paxton Fettel seems to be quite used to the gifts his mom Alma passed onto him, even if he happens to be dead.

You see Paxton Fettel was shot and killed, as evident by the bullet hole that graces his forehead. But due to certain circumstances he’s still in the realm of the living as a quasi ghost of sorts. With the ability to interact with the living through physical means along with taking over their body Fettel is still deadly as ever.  

This new trailer shows what Fettel is capable of and this new batch of screens show what sort of action players can expect playing as both Point Man and Fettel. With mechs, dudes in armor and crazy goblin like monsters how can you not dig F.3.A.R.?