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New Alan Wake Trailer and Free DLC Details

A new spine tingling trailer for Remedy's Alan Wake was release today along with new information on free DLC.

The new trailer is called "Wake Up' and it showcases the darkness that awaits our title character in the sleepy town of Bright Falls. There's mystery afoot and it is up to Alan Wake to bring the truth out into the light from deep within the shadows.

Microsoft also announced that a free token for a future DLC will come packaged in copies of Alan Wake that are purchased as new. This is Microsoft way of rewarding gamers who buy a new copy of Alan Wake just like other game publishers who also recently implemented this with some of their high profile game releases (Mass Effect 2 & Dragon Age: Origins).

What the DLC will eventually be is still a mystery and also no release date is known as well. So for now you get a free piece of paper with useless letters and numbers. Yeah!

May 18 is when this psychological thriller game novel comes to life on your Xbox 360 console.