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More Starcraft 2 action in this new Battle Report video

To be honest I'm totally clueless when it comes to Starcraft. Besides attempting to play it at a PC lounge after a 12 hour all nighter I never tried the insanely popular RTS game.  Maybe it's the fact that I'm not much of a PC and RTS gamer but I never really felt compelled to play the game.

I think this may change based on this new Starcraft 2 Battle Report video. Sure, it may be more of the same but it does look pretty interesting and I did enjoy playing the recent Command & Conquer game so I guess I'm warming up to the RTS genre.  But I have a feeling I may need to hire a Starcraft professional gamer from Korea as a tutor to be really good at the game.

Starcraft 2 - Battle Report part 1

Starcraft 2 - Battle Report part 2