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More Footage Of The Cancelled PS3 Exclusive Eight Days

Since today is leaky ship Monday, a brand new video for the cancelled PS3 game Eight Days has been released. I really don’t know what caused a new Eight Days video to be released now when the game has been dead for a while but you won’t hear me complaining about such a thing as I’m one of ten people who actually wanted to play the game.  Similar to the other leaked footage we saw of Eight Days nearly two years ago, today’s look at the game that was never meant to be once again shows off the destructive and cover based action that SCE London Studio was developing.

Taken from a build that seems to be consistent with what we saw previously, we once again see the two heroes of Eight Days, one of which was to be played by actor Ving Rhames, as they shoot stuff up.  The footage we have today doesn’t fill us in on any new elements that Eight Days was set to include nor does it shed a single light on the story – it’s simply two guys blowing stuff up for a minute and a half.  This latest video for Eight Days doesn’t seem to be as impressive as what we saw previously and perhaps that’s ultimately why Sony decided to cancel the title.  There are aspects of Eight Days that I think would be amazing to see in a game today like the destruction and interaction between physics based objects along with the nifty cover animation the game utilized. But as a whole maybe Eight Days just didn’t have the spark required for Sony to sink any more money into it, especially during a time in which the PS3 wasn’t performing that well at retail.

Eight Days may have been pushed aside so games like Uncharted could become Sony’s golden goose but I still appreciate getting a small taste of a game we’ll never experience.  In a perfect world Sony may resurrect the game as PS Vita title but since this is reality Eight Days will only live on as a game we talk about when a production video is released online.