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More Batman: Arkham City Screens Step Out Of The Shadows

For the past two weeks we’ve gotten a nice amount of content related to Batman: Arkham City, whether it be in the form of new screens or juicy rumors concerning possible characters set to appear in the game.  Being a huge fan of Batman: Arkham Asylum and loving the hell out of what I’ve seen of Batman: Arkham City so far, I’m of the mindset that this slow media reveal will eventually lead to something major, perhaps an official release date or even a gameplay video.  I could be setting myself up for disappointment, but I’m just in the mood to see Batman glide over the decaying streets of Gotham City as he lands to take on fifteen thugs like it’s not a big deal.

Just like the screens we got earlier this month, this latest look at Batman: Arkham Asylum isn’t too revealing.  Once again we have an image of Batman hunting some prey along with a screen of the Joker, who still looks like he’s in rough shape after what occurred at the end of Batman: Arkham Asylum.  Other than that there’s not much to be gained from these screens aside from how nice they look, both from an art direction and visual quality perspective.

The rumored character reveals that we thought would be expected at Toy Fair haven’t panned out, but there are even things at that event which are reserved for behind-closed-doors meetings. It would be a bit of a stretch for WB Games to wait until E3 to give us a proper reveal at Arkham City so when could see the game in action? Or will we just have to be patient and make do with the occasional release of four screenshots?