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Monolith's Next Game Could Be Something Familiar Or Something Entirely New

We haven’t seen a new project from Monolith Productions arise in a while but we’re guaranteed to see what’s next for the studio possibly at E3 if we’re lucky.  In a recent interview with Develop, WB Games Seattle GM Laura Fryer revealed that the next project from Monolith will be revealed in the coming weeks.  Maybe it’s just me, but would it be too much to think that an E3 reveal is imminent?

Since release F.E.A.R.: Project Origin in 2009, Monolith Productions has stayed low lately, more so since development duties on F.E.A.R. 3 were handed off to Day One Studios.  Since passing the reigns of the supernatural FPS game they created, it was unclear what would be next for Monolith. But in a bit of a surprising move, the studio could be returning to their roots by reviving a key project from their past.  Way before Monolith became known for doing games featuring female spies or the impending supernatural apocalypse, Monolith worked on a project dubbed Blood.  A joint venture with 3D Realms, Blood was a slightly off-kilter FPS game featuring a resurrected gunslinger from the Old West taking on a cult he was once part of.  The plot may sound silly as hell, but these days I’m willing to take anything that doesn’t involve soldiers from generation X taking on enemy Y.

What’s interesting is that Warner Brothers Entertainment owns the rights to the Blood franchise.  That may not be official confirmation that a Blood sequel is in the works, but I think it could be a possibility.  But what we do know for sure is that whatever Monolith’s next project is, it’ll have a heavy emphasis on melee combat as back in 2009 the studio was looking for staffers with experience in martial arts fighting games in addition to having FPS experience.

It may seem odd for Monolith and WB Games to resurrect a franchise that hasn’t been seen since 1998, but if Monolith retains the core characteristics of the series then I think a new Blood game could be a hit with today’s audience.  But as of now nothing has been confirmed as to what Monolith is doing next so for all we know they’ve been tapped to do the Inception game.

The last F.E.A.R. game may not have been that great, but Monolith has always offered some interesting elements in their projects and it would be nice to see the studio tackle the world of Blood once more.