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ModNation Racers gets a release date and pre-order content

Sony’s unique take on kart racing will soon be upon us as it was announced today that ModNation Racers is set for a May 25th release. Since being unveiled at E3 last year the game has caught the attention of many since its Sony’s latest game featuring the “Play, Create, Share” moniker.  Earlier this year the game received positive feedback from those who participated in the beta so it looks like Sony could have another hit on their hands. I wasn’t lucky enough to get in the beta which resulted in another piece of my gamer soul turning to ash.

The release date confirmation wasn’t the only news Sony dropped today. Aside from that Sony also revealed a series of pre-order bonuses for specific retailers. By now we should all be used to this and yes, it does somewhat suck this time too. By sucking I’m not referring to the content as it’s merely a case of trying to nail down which piece of goodness you want.

Continuing the synergy between PlayStation franchises this batch of pre-order content for MNR features characters from popular PS3 games. If you opt to pre-order the game from GameStop you’ll get Kratos and his kart of chaos. Best Buy will offer Nathan Drake (Uncharted) and his jeep as their pre-order incentive. It’s unconfirmed though if Nathan will come with his famous half-tuck or not. Lastly those who pre-order the game at Amazon will earn themselves the dynamic duo of Ratchet & Clank.

If that wasn’t good enough, each pre-order will also come with a bonus pack of vehicle/character items. The contents of these packs haven’t been revealed but it’s promised to have some unique items that aren’t available in the game. So it’s a double-dose of goodness for those who want to get their custom kart racing action.

ModNation Racers has a lot going for it and this batch of pre-order content is definitely a bonus.  Personally I can’t wait to get my hands on the game as I want something to obsess over. Yup, time to waste 20 hours working on a Tron and ReBoot inspired course/characters in the game.

[Via the PlayStation Blog]