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Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes HD Finally Gets A Release Date

It may have taken a year, which to me seemed like an eternity, but a release date has finally been settled for the HD version of Capybara’s Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes HD.  The PS3/Xbox 360 port of their acclaimed game for the Nintendo DS, Clash of Heroes HD offers the same strategy filled action of the original DS version but now has visuals that once again confirm that when it comes to doing traditional animated art Capybara are simply some of the best, if not THE BEST, in the industry.

For some reason Ubisoft never had an exact release date pegged down for Clash of Heroes HD despite development on the game being completed for a while now. Once April 14th finally rolls around gamers in Europe can finally partake in the fantasy based strategy action that Clash of Heroes HD offers, of which I’m counting down the days. Since our friends in Europe are getting Clash of Heroes HD on April 14th, its likely that North American gamers can expect the game on April 12th pending the game is receiving an early release in Europe.

As I discussed in my preview article from last year, Clash of Heroes HD offers some extremely deep strategy gameplay that while it requires a little bit of strategy and advance planning, isn’t difficult to get into and it’s far from being boring.  This new trailer for Clash of Heroes HD, which proudly announces the April 14th release date, shows off a good amount of what gamers can expect from the title: nothing but goodness.  Honestly, with the level of gameplay Clash of Heroes HD offers and the addition of new multiplayer modes the game is likely to be an absolute steal when it comes out next month no matter what the price ends up being.