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Microsoft Wants You Unleash Your Xbox Live's Avatar

Microsoft asks; What if you could bring your Xbox Live Avatar to life? Pondering your answer? Well while you try to figure that conundrum out, Microsoft may have provided the answer by introducing three new ways for Xbox Live Avatar Fanboys to show off their love for their digital self in dimensions never thought possible.

That's right! You can now transform your virtual doppelganger into an actual 3-D action figure, a Fathead poster to offend your wall with or forever etched unto a Microsoft Zune HD. 

You start by editing your avatar to obtain the perfect look you want to lock in and then choose from an array of action poses that exemplifies your personality.

The custom Fathead poster is 4ft x 6.5ft in size and will run you $149.99 plus shipping cost.

The miniature action figure will be produced by FingerPrints and will include a base that will also have your Gamertag imprinted on it.The avatar figurine cost $49.95 along with an additional $9.95 for shipping.

The Zune HD prices ranges from $169.99 for 16 GB to $349.99 for 64 GB device. Tha actual etching of your avatar unto the Zune HD is free with purchase.

You can learn more information or place your order from