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The Mediocrity Continues

Last night on Gametrailers TV two new trailers premiered for the upcoming game versions of G.I. Joe and Terminator Salvation. We all know that the majority of film based games are garbage and these two trailers really don't break that mold. Since the pictures for the G.I. Joe game were released we all knew it was going to be a joke but seeing it in motion is just a whole another level of "what were they thinking?"

Terminator Salvation on the other hand has left many skeptical if it'll be any good. The trailer that premiered at the Spike Videogame Awards left some thinking the game was a bit derivative due to it being eerily similar to Gears of War in terms of visual style and the use of a cover mechanic.  Since then no footage has been shown to the public but we do have a new action packed trailer that is sadly pre-rendered. I'm wondering why this is being released now when the game is out in about a month.  Shouldn't it be time to hype the game up by showing some gameplay? Some may be sad that the trailer is pre-rendered but they may be even more disappointed that it does confirm that not only is Christian Bale not doing the voice for John Connor his likeness won't be included as well.

Tell us what you think of these trailers in the comments section and which of these will be the crappier game?