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[MAJOR RUMOR] Ico & Shadow of the Colossus HD remix is becoming a reality

Last year PS3 gamers got an incredible package in the form of the God of War Collection which featured the first two GOW games in glorious HD.  The release of the God of War Collection was definitely something PS3 gamers had wished for, especially in the wake of the PS3 losing backwards compatibility. But besides God of War there was one other collection gamers wanted – a Team Ico collection featuring Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.

Last week listed an Ico and Shadow HD Collection which just happened to have a release date of April 1st.  Given Walmart not being the go-to source for gaming and accuracy with release dates, many assumed the listing was nothing more than an error or a cruel joke.

According to the “industry sources" of Eurogamer, the Ico/Shadow of the Colossus Collection is actually happening.  Eurogamer cites that European retailers will soon list the Ico/Shadow Collection which would point to an announcement possibly happening shortly.

With TGS happening this week and The Last Guardian set to appear, now would be the time to reveal a Team Ico HD collection. As much as I would want to see a Team Ico HD Collection, I’m still not ready to believe its 100% official only so my gaming heart isn’t broken if nothing is announced this week.

So will we finally get the much desired Team Ico HD collection and could it be announced this week? I’m not sure yet but if such a thing does happen it may officially cement Sony as the winner of TGS this year. Oh, and if a Team Ico HD collection is happening and it includes a demo for The Last Guardian then the thing will sell truckloads.