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Majesco Announces A Kinect Wrestling Game Starring Hulk Hogan. (This Isn't A Joke)

Since so many people wanted it, I’m sure at least five people sincerely did, Majesco Entertainment has announced Hulk Hogan’s Main Event, a brand new wrestling game exclusively for the Microsoft Kinect.  After giving us Zumba Fitness last year, I guess Majesco felt they ought to cater to the hardcore market a bit by giving us a bit of wrasslin' action, even if it features an extremely dated icon that hasn’t had any glory moments since 1995.

Slated to appear later this year, Hulk Hogan’s Main Event is being billed as a straight up wrestling game, except that in this case a Table Match could become a literal thing if you decide to do a leg drop on your coffee table.  To keep things slightly familiar to gamers in this new era of motion based wrestling, Hulk Hogan’s Main Event will feature a robust create-a-fighter mode so you can create your own wrestler i.e. the publisher and devs didn’t have enough to secure any other wrestlers aside from the Hulkster so instead there’s a bunch of tools to create Macho Man Randy Savage or Andre the Giant.

Gamers of course won’t be able to play as the Hulkster (why would you want to in a game starring a wrestling icon?) as they will merely learn the ropes from Hollywood Hulk Hogan (got to throw a NWO reference in here).  Some of the many main event venues in Hulk Hogan’s first major video game will include a backyard (backyard wrestling is extreme dude!), a gym, and an unassuming stadium no doubt filled with lots of 2D or low-poly spectators.

One interesting feature Hulk Hogan’s Main Event will include is a tag-team battle option, which should prove to be interesting since two people playing a Kinect wrestling game could lead to a few cases of “I totally didn’t mean to hit you.”  Gamers will be able to relive their moment of doing a Hulk Hogan pose as an eight year-old since the game will allow you to strike iconic Hogan poses, which likely will be the one thing that may not have any nagging issues to it.

Hulk Hogan had this to say about the game, “Listen up, people! You will feel the power of Hulkamania when you step into this game.  Whether you are taking the damage or selling the pain, this game will let you unleash your inner wrestler as you hype up the crowd while putting the hurt on anyone that stands in your way!”  Basically the subtext of Hogan’s comment is that he has bills to pay (most to his ex-wife) and needs to have a little bit of a retirement fund once his TNA wrestling gig crumbles.

I honestly wasn’t planning on scoping out Majesco’s booth at E3 but now with this Hulk Hogan reveal I may be tempted to see if the game is in action, especially since the Hulkster himself is set to appear at the event.

A Kinect wrestling game may be fun if it’s executed the right way, but I don’t know if it’ll please the people who love the sim based Smackdown vs. Raw games or even the recent arcade centric WWE All Stars game.  I may have roasted Hogan a bit so far, but I’ll remain optimistic that a Kinect wrestling game won’t be a complete joke.