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LucasArts Now Looking For Devs With FPS Experience. Could A Franchise Revival Be Inbound?

Right now we’re in full-on TGS hype mode but some interesting new unrelated to the Japanese mega-event has surfaced.  We all know that for the past few months, or rather the past few years, LucasArts has been a bit of a mess as they’ve been all over the place and have somehow managed to ruin any sort of chance of doing a good Star Wars or Indiana Jones game.  After the somewhat lackluster reaction of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II received that franchise was likely put to pasture which left LucasArts with no major projects and a somewhat meager work force.

Last month a job posting for LucasArts was found that was searching for someone with experience developing open-world RPG games. LucasArts may not have formally announced any projects they currently have in development, but this news was noteworthy since the job posting was for the new project being headed up by Clint Hocking (former Creative Director on Far Cry 2).

Now another LucasArts job posting has been found which is looking for a Level Designer with experience in FPS games. In addition to the level designer gig, LucasArts is also searching for an Environment Artist with experience in FPS games as well.  So is LucasArts developing some sort of open-world FPS game with RPG elements or does LucasArts actually have two unannounced projects in the works?

This latest update is rather interesting since it further gels with what one would expect from Clint Hocking.  But at this point the big question still remains whether or not we’re going to see LucasArts present a new IP to us or if they’re fall back to developing a new Star Wars game.  Given the search for devs with FPS experience I think that longtime LucasArts fans are hoping that the company finally resurrects the Star Wars: Dark Forces or the Star Wars: Jedi Knight franchises.  Hell, I’m sure gamers even have their fingers crossed for a Star Wars: Republic Commando revival as well based on this search for people with a FPS history.

Receiving a FPS based Star Wars game may not sound that exciting but both Dark Forces and Republic Commando were titles that managed to be amazing for their time and have very strong fanbases even to this day.  If LucasArts thought of a good concept and it takes place within the Star Wars Episodes 4-6 timeline or even something akin to KOTOR I would be keen on playing a Star Wars FPS game since anything is better than another crappy Clone Trooper game.

But there is a slim chance that LucasArts is reviving the almost long forgotten Outlaws franchise.  Released in 1997, Outlaws was a FPS game set within the Wild West that managed to cultivate a decent amount of interest but never really took off.  Given the lack of cowboy games today and the interest gamers have in them due to the success of Red Dead Redemption, an Outlaws revival could be entirely possible.

Since LucasArts and Clint Hocking continue to be completely silent on what this new project is it’ll probably be a while before we get an official confirmation of any kind.  I wouldn’t rule out an end of year reveal though since a Spike VGA trailer could be a possibility or the old stand-by of a Game Informer coverstory reveal could also bring us the goods sooner rather than later.

For everyone out there I have a question for you: would you rather see LucasArts create a FPS Star Wars game based on an existing franchise or would you rather see the company take a creative gamble and resurrect the long forgotten Outlaws franchise?