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Leaked images of Deus Ex 3

Back in the day there was this PC game called Deus Ex and it was a pretty big deal. Combining fps gaming with a deep narrative driven experience that was more akin to a RPG than a game like Doom, Deus Ex was a monumental hit.  Then Deus Ex got a sequel in the form of Deus Ex: Invisible War and for the best everyone decided to wipe the existence of the game from their minds.

It’s been six years since the accident that was Invisible Wars and now the Deus Ex franchise is ready for another shot. We’ve known for some time now that the franchise was being given another shot by Square Enix/Eidos but aside from small teases of info we hadn’t really gotten a proper look or feel of the latest iteration of cyberpunk gaming. 

Since its GDC bombshells are being dropped and that includes a Deus Ex 3 update. Somehow some images have leaked and to everyone’s surprise the game looks rather decent. Featuring a protagonist that has a ton of body modifications already evokes the feel of Deus Ex along with some startling imagery that involves said protagonist having a dream involving a man with wings. Even with this small sampling of media Deus Ex already has people talking which is certainly a good thing.

The question remains if the images are from a pre-rendered cutscene or if it’s in-game footage. Chances are that this is CG footage but maybe we’ll be lucky and the in-game visuals will closely match that level of quality. 

Aside from giving us something cool to look at the leaked images also reveal the title for the game which is Deus Ex: Human Revolution.  I assume more details on Deus Ex will be released in the near future if this recent leak is any indication.

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