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The latest Kojima teaser continues to get people excited

The madness around the mysterious Kojima project countdown is continuing with the previous countdown being merely a countdown for another countdown. Rapid internet fanboys are ablaze with the latest update to the site being either a 5 or an S and off course the popular and somewhat blind decision among many is that it’s a 5 and that means “OMG MGS5 is coming soon!” It’s also a bit presumptuous to assume the S could also stand for Solid Snake as it could also be for this:

But at this point who the hell knows. It’s most likely an S as that style of font has been used in old Metal Gear promotions. It would be somewhat odd for a new Metal Gear game let alone MGS5 be announced the year after MGS4 is released but if the game follows the standard 3 year release schedule I guess announcing a project now for a 2011 release is reasonable. Though I’m still a bit wary if this announcement is for MGS5 as it almost seems too blatant and obvious compared to the other teaser campaigns that were used to announce the previous MGS games. But perhaps Kojima just wants us to second guess ourselves or have high expectations for something that we may not get.

So the new teaser image is either a S or a 5.


 Now while everyone is eagerly awaiting the next countdown they should just be aware that there will be a total of 5 countdowns (OMG does is that another hint towards MGS5! :{), with the last countdown being either the day of the Microsoft E3 conference or the day before.  This uncertainty towards the time situation is slightly because we don’t know if it’s by Japanese or American time. So we could be getting hyped up for something that is merely a “See You at E3” tease or we’re going to be in for a bunch of fan meltdowns if Kojima’s next project is announced as a 360 exclusive.


Below is what you get when you do some analyzing of the KojiPro countdown site:

But in the end who knows what the hell this is all for. It could be for the next MGS game but when you have things like the image below pop-up it really shows that none of us have a firm or definite ideal on what any of this could mean.


And let’s not forget there were people that got hyped up for the image below as a sign of MGS on the 360 but what we got instead was an iPhone game.


Never forget to not get too excited at potential news.