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The Last Story combat footage is impressive to say the least

Maybe I’m a bit laxed in my duty as a gamer and “game blogger” or whatever the hell you want to call my job, but I haven’t been following The Last Story that much. Part of my somewhat meh attitude towards the game was because I’m not a huge fan of Hironobu Sakaguchi and thought that Blue Dragon, the first major game from his studio Mistwalker was ok if not a bit disappointing.  But upon watching this extended video showcasing the combat engine of The Last Story, I’m beyond impressed so far

For a Wii game, The Last Story looks phenomenal from a graphics standpoint.  I don’t know what special juju Hironobu is feeding his Mistwalker team, but it seems like it has paid off quite rewardingly as the game looks stellar.  Having not known a lot about the game prior to viewing this new video, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the game features a real-time combat system that seems to heavily focus on actual melee attacks along with magic abilities that are more interactive than your standard RPG game.

The only thing that I find to be disappointing about this new video for The Last Story is that the game is lacking in the color department. I know that a five minute combat montage video isn’t indicative of the entire game, but The Last Story just seems a bit bleh and limited with its color palette that consists of dark tones that really don’t have a pop or stylistic flair. But at least Mistwalker stayed true to the JRPG tradition of designing characters with spiky hair as the main characters in The Last Story all look like they’re models for some sort of high-end Italian fashion magazine.

The Last Story should make a decent splash when it launches in Japan, but as of now a North American and European release has yet to be announced.